Finally get clear on how to make your business more profitable    

What you need to get more leads, sales, and profits   

  • Are you spending money on Facebook ads that nobody clicks on?
  • Do you spend time writing emails that nobody opens?
  •  Is your website just a jumbled mess that confuses prospects more than it helps them?
  • Are you frustrated trying to make a "sales funnel" when you can't make heads or tails of the thing?

Imagine making more sales than you are right now even when you're not at work. 

Imagine generating new leads right on schedule and booking your calendar full of discovery calls like clockwork.

Imagine never stressing about payroll again because you've finally figured out your business's profit generating sales processes.

You're still not generating any leads or making any sales unless you're actually working IN your business... You feel like you're still doing almost everything yourself.

When there’s 101 to-do’s, and the result of every single one of them is attached to your business, your brand, your name the thought of delegating can send a shiver down your spine…

At this stage of the game, you know that you’ve got to start nailing your systems and processes to up level and reach your goals.

You know that what’s gotten you here isn’t enough to get you where you want to go.

You’ll need to do something radically different to get new results.

Here’s how you can build a more profitable business

If you need help...

  • Getting your emails opened (and seeing sales results from them)
  • Getting more engagement from your community
  • Making your message shine
  • Generating a steady flow of leads
  • Figuring out a profitable sales funnel for your business
  • Just figuring out what tools to use, what to tie together, really every nut and bolt to this whole "marketing thing"

That's where I can help you.

My job as a professional copywriter & marketing strategist is to help you make more money.

I can help you build a more profitable business by helping you generate consistent leads and develop new ways to monetize your existing customers.

I've developed my proprietary marketing and sales strategies by working with startups, government agencies, marketing agencies, and medium sized businesses on every single piece of the buyer's journey: from acquiring leads (with video sales letters, Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, TV ads, direct mail, Google AdWords, social media marketing, and content marketing), to building the funnels and systems working behind the scenes that monetize them.

We’ll identify all of the areas where your would-be customer’s dollars are slipping through the cracks and help you develop a seamless process for prospecting and nurturing new clients.

We’ll develop your automated digital sales process by creating a series of messages that helps prospects get to know you, introduces them to your services, and gives them the opportunity to work with you.

You’ll get to know your existing customers in a way that you never have before through my process of marketing research surveys. My audience discovery process will help you uncover new ways to monetize your previous customers with new products and services.

We’ll develop your outreach process by identifying opportunities to grow your audience, fully fleshing out your paid media strategy, optimizing your messaging, assessing how effectively you’re placing existing calls to action, and develop a new outbound strategy.

We’ll fine-tune your inbound process by creating a systematic way to process incoming quote requests, calibrating your free-to-paid journey by fleshing out your website with other information your audience needs to know but isn’t getting, and we’ll analyze and align all of your business’s processes with your goals.

If you’re ready to work with the teammate who will finally put together the missing sales systems in your business, here’s your next step:

Tomesha C.

Jamie is ah-mazzz-ing! In as little as three weeks she's helped me revamp my social media and clarify my message. I have been so impressed by how easy it has been to implement her strategies. Plus, the feedback she gives is golden. It's helping me grow my brand as well as articulate my message better to potential clients. Because of her recommendations for how to engage your email list, I'm FINALLY having people OPEN my emails and read them. I've finally been able to get people to engage with my Facebook group. There aren't enough stars for how much she has impacted my business in these last three weeks!

Jamie – these are awesome! I am so pleased with this email funnel, you really delivered what I was looking for.

Robyn S.
Erika B.

I can never thank Jamie enough. My website was a jumbled mess and I learned how to communicate to my ideal customer; be it in my site design and actual words, from her. Do not waste time trying to write copy on your own, work with Jamie ASAP and she will quickly point you in the right direction. Gold!

I am so excited to be working with Jamie. I met her recently at a networking event at the Chamber and we connected immediately. I told her I was struggling with writing a chapter for a book I was co-writing and my deadline was in 48 hours. She told me she could help. And, she did! I am amazed at her talent. I am so proud of the enhancements she made to my chapter. She is so easy to work with and totally knew how to put into words what I was trying to communicate. I will be hiring her again very soon!

Carla C.

Jamie Doerschuck

Hi, I'm Jamie! I'm a professional direct response copywriter & marketing strategist. I'm a 2x awarded Top Business Writer on, where I write weekly posts about business and marketing.

Through my blog and livestreaming classes I've taught over 2,800 entrepreneurs my marketing techniques!

I can't wait to learn more about you and your business! Let's grow your business and meet your revenue goals :)