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What's on your bonus page:

BONUS #1: FREE Sales Funnel Course


Before you get that guru's course, check out the FREE funnel copywriting training that eats $997 courses for breakfast.
(Yes, best of free AND paid!) 

You'll learn how to develop a marketer's mindset, how to create lead magnets that actually work, how to make killer optin pages, the strategy behind developing email automation sequences, and so much more in this FREE 30-day sales funnel course.

Am I crazy for GIVING AWAY this much value? 


But I do it to show you my 100% commitment to helping you grow.

BONUS #2: Marketing Nerd Crew
FB Community

You definitely DON'T want to miss out on this! Get coaching from me and advice from the other Marketing Nerds (professional marketers and business owners) in this FREE Facebook group.

BONUS #3: 1-on-1 Hands On Session

Are you ready to get clear on how to move the needle in your business?

Let's get on a video call and work out your top opportunities together!

Here's how the session is designed to help you succeed: 

  • You'll come out with a clear understanding of what steps to grow your business are, and how to do it
  • You can workshop your sales and marketing collateral and we'll make changes on the spot 
  • You'll get any wireframes/UI diagrams, and other helpful notes delivered after the session 
  • You get lifetime access to a recording so you can review whenever you want
  • Full intellectual use rights of any edits/IP/collateral from the session
  • Level up your pitch, prospecting calls, investor presentations
  • No specific time constraint of the session, we'll work as long as it takes (Sessions usually under 2hrs)​​​

BONUS #4: 90-day Business
Marketing Accelerator Program

The cheapest way to work with directly with 2 mentors who have generated Millions in direct revenue ever: 

You already know how I've generated $10M+ in direct revenue for my clients, but you HAVE to meet my mentor Barbra Bejar... 

She's the real deal. 

She's an OG marketer - been in the game since the early 2000's. She invented the pop up, has managed MILLIONS in PPC campaigns, and driven Billions (with a B!) of impressions to her own businesses and her clients. She also built a multi-million dollar eCommerce company of her own, and became a Millionaire in her 20's. 

We've teamed up to create a map to sales success for ambitious business owners who want to scale their business up...

It's a dynamic program adapted to YOUR needs where you'll get BOTH of our guidance on your business. 

By the end of the program you'll...

  • Identify the BIGGEST opportunities to move the needle on your business... 
  • Understand exactly how to overcome your business's major roadblocks... 
  • Know what needs to change about your marketing + sales systems so you can scale up... 
  • Create the marketing or sales assets your business needs (working DIRECTLY with me and Barbra through written posts, and the weekly live group video sessions)... 
  • You're NOT on your own after you launch: we'll guide you through optimization... 
  • Get accountability and support from your mentors and the incredible community of passionate business owners...
  • Network, form partnerships, and make friends with other motivated, ambitious, action taking entrepreneurs like you...
  • Follow a system you can use again, and again to make incredibly strides towards your business goals... 
  • Starting Q2 2020...

Work With Me:

Let's hop on a call so you can tell me about your project and see if we're a good fit: