Join the GREATEST Wine Club in the history of humanity!   

Get $100, $150, even $200 worth of wine for $55 (and FREE shipping) 

If you’re someone who buys wine in any way, shape, or form, you’re in luck. (Even if you’re only considering starting to drink wine more seriously...)

The @GaryVee Wine Club is the best in the history of humanity because:

  • You’re going to get 1, 2, 3 or 4 amazing wines (value $100-200) per month for $55
  •  You’ll taste new styles of wine you’ve never thought to try before
  • You’ll impress all your friends because you're now a wine expert 
  • You get awesome taste-along videos and a collectible fact sheet to learn all about wine
  • You’ll learn how to taste wine like a pro: Let it breathe, whiffy-whiff, slurp, and taste

This is the best deal for wine you’ll find in the country.

Can I really get over $100 worth of wine for $55?

Yes, yes, and YES.

Somebody just emailed me this morning that he literally saw the Chateauneuf du Pape (from the October shipment, yeah that's how we roll) in the liquor store for $67.


And it was just one of the 3 bottles I sent him ;)

You can’t find a better price on these wines if you drive to every liquor store in your state, OR if you searched every wine site on the internet.

I promise.

gary vee wine club garyvaynerchuk

What can I expect from the Gary Vee Wine Club?

Amazing Wines for an Amazing Price

Look, this is just a price you can’t beat.

I’m literally obsessed with getting the most amazing, expensive wines possible to you for the same cost every month.

gary vee wine club gary vaynerchuk

When we’re packing up your wines, you better believe that I search all of the other wine sites to make sure our price is really the lowest.

You will not find any of these bottles for a better price.

I will not let you down.

Trust me.

Wines You’ve Never Tried Before

One of my favorite things about this wine club is introducing you to wines you can’t find at any of your local liquor stores.

If you’ve ever watched Wine Library TV, you know my wine opinions are a little out there!

For example, I’ve traditionally panned the sauvignon blancs coming out of California. (My opinion on that has changed recently, but at one time I did shout into the camera that all California wineries should rip their sauvignon grapes out of their fields by the roots…)

Ever since working in my dad’s liquor store I’ve just been naturally attracted to wines coming out of weird regions (Australian Pinot Noir anyone?), and made in uncommon styles.

So I’m totally pumped to send you something you’ve never had before!

Give me the chance to wow you.

Finally Be a Wine Expert

The Gary Vee Wine Club is THE BEST chance to impress that cute girl or guy at the party by dropping your new wine knowledge.

Trust me, knowing about wine is a great party trick.

My favorite part of the wine club is that each month you get a video and audio supplement of me tasting the wines. (Want a sneak peek? Check out the audio of me trying the 1st shipment’s wines.)

Here’s a taste of me trying December’s wines:

Taste along.

Build your pallet.

Entertain some of your buddies for the afternoon!

I know that learning about wine can be intimidating...

When I first got started in the industry there were only “serious” reviewers to learn from (like Robert Parker).

Those guys have some great opinions, but it can definitely feel confusing to jump into that world.

To make learning about wine easy for you, you’ll also get a fun collectible fact sheet with EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know about the wines you’re getting.

gary vee wine club gary vaynerchuk

It’s written in my super approachable, Gary-speak. Not scary fancypants wine speak.

If you want to learn more about wine, but you feel intimidated by the complicated terms: you’ll love the Gary Vee Wine Club.

This is the BEST Wine Club IN THE WORLD!


You’re going to get the best wines you’ve ever drank, for the lowest price you ever paid - every month.

You’re going to WOW your wife, or your boyfriend, or your boss, or your friends with wines from crazy regions and styles you’ve never tried. These aren’t your average wines - you can’t even find everything at your local liquor stores.

And ON TOP OF THAT, you’ll effortlessly develop your palate and become a wine pro when you follow along with the wine tasting videos + collectible fact sheet.

What’s not to love?

Nothing, that’s what.

So get one for yourself, get one for your dad, get one for your boss.

Get in on this action.

PS I will be DEVASTATED if you read this far and don’t join my wine club ;)

Thanks for your attention,
Gary Vee

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