Do you ever wish that growing your business was easier?    

Save yourself 3-5 years of fumbling around “trying”... 

If you never made another dollar in your life after today, would you be happy? 

If you’re like most people, your answer is probably “No way!”

Like most passionate entrepreneurs, all the fun is in serving more clients and making more profits.

So if you’re not completely satisfied with where you are today, then… You’ve got a goal to grow your business, right?

Why most people fail their goals:

Goal setting is the easy part. Achieving them is a whole different ball game.

When you’re all charged up about your goal, it’s easy to feel motivated to try new things…

You post on Snapchat today, livestream on Facebook tomorrow, and schedule out a few random Instagram posts for the rest of the week…

When you’re “motivated” you give the latest shiny new tactics a shot and then sit back and pray that the phone rings with work this time.

But… Those few haphazard posts don’t conjure up many worthwhile results. Then it’s back to the blogs to find the next round of tactics to scatter shot…

Most people fail to reach their business growth goals because of “spray and pray” hope marketing.

Sustainable businesses aren’t built on hope.

They’re built by developing consistent lead generation, qualification, and conversion systems.

copywriting marketing strategy sessions facebook social media marketing email marketing landing page conversion rate optimization lead generation

Example of the Big 3 Business Systems in a healthy consulting business.

Here's how you can succeed where others fail...

If you’re someone who wants…

  • Faster business growth
  • Clearer vision
  • Higher productivity
  • And more creativity

Then this is the right place for you.

If you’re serious about growing your business, you need to overcome everything that’s holding you back right now.

People are off track far more often than they realize. It’s easy to get distracted, to get into a slump and not even know it…

It’s not just about trying every hot new tactic. To finally see the growth you want this year you’ll need to get serious about building SYSTEMS that consistently deliver for you.

If you’re ready to put the cornerstone systems for your business’s success in place, keep reading.

Introducing the Big 3 Business Systems...

Take another look at the earlier diagram:

jamie doerschuck best marketing consultant in tampa bay

Diagram of the Big 3 Business Systems: lead generation, qualification, and conversion.

This is just one example of one sales process from a healthy online consulting business.

Whatever the literal steps of your sales process looks like, every profitable business has the functions of the Big 3 Business Systems.

Here's an in depth look at the Big 3 Business Systems:

Lead generation

The first of the Big 3 Business Systems is lead generation.

Sales is a numbers game.

What that means is that not everybody that you tell about your business is going to be interested in buying from you.

The fact that the number of people you tell about your business is bigger than the amount of people who become your customers is sometimes represented by the sales funnel:

copywriter st petersburg fl jamie doerschuck


The qualification system is the “filter” before you present an offer to someone.

You already know that not every single person you meet will be a good fit for you.

Usually the way that businesses qualify their prospects is by providing some kind of information on the topic to them. For example, when people raise their hand and request a digital brochure to choose between your different products you can be fairly sure they’re interested in buying your product or one like yours.

The way you qualify customers is different depending on how simple or complex your sale is.

For a restaurant all you might have to do is state the kind of food you serve as a qualifier. People who want to eat sushi today will gravitate to you, and people who want pizza will know to look elsewhere.

Restaurants are a simple sale because even though we don’t all like the same kind of food, everybody’s gotta eat!

If you’re Whirlpool and you sell hot tubs, you might have a lot of different models with a lot of different features.

A hot tub is a more complex sale because it’s generally expensive, not everyone needs or wants a hot tub, and you probably have to educate the consumer so they can select a product that will suit them the best.


The last of the Big 3 Business Systems is conversion.

Here’s where all the fun happens and you get paid! Yayyy!

The conversion process usually happens for businesses in their email marketing, landing pages, and on their websites. For brick & mortar businesses this may also happen in your stores at a point of sale system.

Do you want to cut the line to reaching your goals?

How many blog posts have you seen like this?

marketing consultant tampa bay - jamie doerschuck

Tactics chasers have the most unrealistic ideas of success.

You have no idea the ridiculous amount of people who’ve said to me, “I just want to have a business on autopilot where I don’t have to do any work, and it spits out a lot of money.”

Yeah, and I’d love to wake up with a six-pack tomorrow!

These dweebs just want the world to give them something, without giving the world something first.

Look, if you think that you’ll come into my strategy session and I’ll give you THE ONE TACTIC TO RULE THEM ALL just close this page and go away.

tampa bay marketing consulting - jamie doerschuck

This is the problem with tactics: They give you 1 teeny-tiny piece, but never the entire SYSTEM.

Ask anyone who has built a successful business - notice the word successful - and they’ll tell you that you have to focus on OTHER PEOPLE first. You have to understand what problems your customers have, where they want to go, how you can help them get there. It’s not as simple as just learning the hottest new tactics.

But according to some of these so-called “internet marketing experts” you can whip up an ebook in a couple of days, slap it on your website, and make your riches online from the beach!

Let’s get real.

Most of these internet marketers sell ebooks where they tell you to sell ebooks. Does anyone really think they’ll be around for a year? Or that they know more than one piece of the sales puzzle?

If you want to cut the line to reaching your growth goals, you have to start focusing on the right things.

Don’t focus on tactics. Focus on building actual business systems.

Can I benefit from marketing coaching?

How can you know if you would benefit from my marketing expertise?

Think about these questions for a minute:

  • Do I have a clear vision for my business?
  • Do I always know what's most important for me to be working on next?
  • Do I know exactly what my priorities are for the year, quarter, month, and week?
  • Is my business growing at the rate I believe it should?
  • Is my business as profitable as it could be?

If you answered "No" to any of those questions, especially more than 1, keep reading...

Think about these questions for a minute:

  • Do I often get easily distracted, jumping from task to task throughout the day?
  • Do I often feel overwhelmed with growing my business?
  • Do I feel excessive stress every day?
  • Do I often get frustrated with my employees and business partners?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you would definitely profit from working with me.

Are these strategy sessions right for you?    

Who this strategy session is not for:

  • Hobby businesses
  • Side hustles
  • People looking for a magic bullet without putting in the work
  • Get rich quick schemers
  • People who are not willing to change their ideas. If you resist new advice, how can I help you?

If this is you, then you'd probably be best served by my free marketing guides. 

No hard feelings :)

Who is this strategy session good for?

  • Your business does 6 figures and you're looking for growth opportunities
  • Your business makes $50,000+ in gross annual revenue and you want to grow to 6 figures
  • You're a thought leader who's looking to develop a new product, or do a launch
  • You're a 6 or 7-Figure business interested in expanding your digital marketing
  • You're a 6 or 7-Figure business looking to optimize the results you're getting for the money you spend
  • You're committed to spending the time to implement strategies to build a successful online business, and you know that will not happen overnight
  • You're looking for a SYSTEM, not random tactics

Here are some of the results from clients who decided working with me was right for them:

st petersburg fl marketing consultant jamie doerschuck
best marketing consultant st petersburg fl best marketing consultant tampa bay jamie doerschuck
copywriter tampa bay - copywriter st petersburg fl - best copywriter tampa bay - best copywriter st petersburg fl - best copywriter tampa - jamie doerschuck

"Is this strategy session right for me?"    

“What if I am a local service business/sell services/am an affiliate marketer/sell software or apps…”

My approach to sales and marketing is designed to help you succeed in growing your business by identifying and capitalizing on unused opportunities for growth.

Is your current marketing only "spray and pray" tactics?

When you get the proper pieces in place to support your marketing and sales process, you’ll see a big impact to your bottom line.

Is your current marketing delivering some results for you?

That’s excellent! You’ll be thrilled with your gains when we take what you’ve got going on and build on it.

You may be surprised to find yourself lacking some key sales systems, even though your current process is delivering you results.

I’ve used my approach with both B2B and B2C companies. I’ve worked with businesses in over 10 different industries including professional services, lifestyle, food, government branches, marketing/advertising agencies - so I know that my approach to sales and marketing will work for you too.

Which Strategy Session Option is Best for You?

Here's how we can improve your business together:

Lead generation

Here's how we can improve your lead generation system:

Paid Strategy - Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Other PPC

If you need to get more eyes in front of your offer and you want to try paid strategies for getting them, this is the option for you.

As you’re developing your approach to paid promotion, I can peek over your shoulder and tweak what you’re working on for a more powerful punch. As a direct response copywriter I’m an expert in customer psychology.

You can also use this strategy session to have an audit of your existing paid promotional campaigns where we can optimize them for effectiveness.

Let’s get your ads running and clicked on!

PR, Social Media & Promotion Strategy

Do you need help reaching your people?

If you want to learn more about organic traffic generation, this is where you’d be best served.I can help you strategize which content publishers have your audience’s attention, get featured in those publications, create engaging social media content, and help you get buzz for your business.

As a marketing strategist I can help you work through developing customer avatars, finding out where your peeps hang out, and even advanced tactics like using surveys to dive deeper into the psychographics of your customers.


Here’s how we can work on your qualification systems:

Qualification System Development

Is my sale a simple sale, or a complex sale? Should I qualify my customers with webinars, surveys, or ebooks?

If all of this sounds completely new to you, let’s make sure you actually have a qualification system in place!

We’ll figure out what information you need to be gathering from prospects and decide on what kind of qualification (ebooks, surveys, webinars, video-to-email delivery, something else) makes the most sense for your business in this strategy session.

Premium Content/Content Opt-in Development

Most businesses use pieces of content like ebooks, webinars, videos, and downloadable product information to generate leads for their business.

If you want to implement one of these things into your qualification system, we can develop the content together in this strategy call.


Here’s how I can help you develop your conversion system:

Landing Page Strategy

In this strategy session I can help you improve an existing landing page that you have for a product.

If you’re going to build a landing page for a new product, we can also hash that out here.

Email Marketing/Product Launch Strategy

If you have a list of a few hundred or a few thousand subscribers, I can help you make the best use out of it.

In these sessions we can look at your previously sent emails and learn from the best performing ones to create a new automation sequence that supports your business goals.

If you have a specific product you’re looking to launch, this would be the right session for you to get help planning it.

Maybe your business has been collecting email addresses for so long through your point of sale system that you have a backlog of information, but you’re not sure what to do with it. We can develop a solution for you in this strategy session.

Finally, if you have existing email sequences that you’d like to optimize for conversions - let’s do it!

Website Optimization Session

Your website is going to be the first place prospects look to find information out about you… Are you showing them what they’re looking for?

Prospects can get turned off by ugly design or the wrong information. In these sessions we’ll browse your website together and I’ll give you honest feedback about my experience as a prospect.

Then I’ll give you my official recommendations on how to streamline your website so it best serves your customer’s needs!

The best part, and the real value of these strategy sessions is that you’ll get a video recording of our call!

It’s my gift to you.

I’m not a “life coach”.

I’m not trying to get you on the hook for a 6 month package.

These are one-and-done sessions. (Although you may want to buy sessions across multiple areas.)

We’re going to cover A LOT of ground, and I give you video recording so you can take all the time you need execute on each of the solutions we develop together.

These are high productivity strategy sessions. 

You're going to get the steps you need to act on NOW, not in a few months. 

best copywriter in tampa bay jamie doerschuck

Big 3 Business Systems Strategy Session

Get the steps for higher profitability in this 1 hour strategic consulting session!

  • ​One 1-hour session
  • Get more eyeballs with a lead generation session
  • Make easier sales with the qualification session
  • Make more profits with the conversion session
  • Get a video so you can get the most out of your session and execute our plan on your time
  • Not for Get-Rich-Quick schemers (bye)
  • Not for people who expect spectacular results without doing the work


Checkout accepts credit card through Paypal (no Paypal account required). 
*NOTE: After checkout you will be emailed a self-booking calendar, look in the email you used to check out for this! If you do not schedule your appointment, your order will be refunded if you do not schedule a session within 7 days of purchase.

marketing consultant st petersbug fl marketing consultant tampa copywriter tampa copywriter st petersburg fl

Don’t believe me? YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS!

You’ve already learned about the specific levers I’ll pull to help you grow your business. You’ve heard from some of my clients. You’ve learned that my methods are effective across multiple industries.

What would it cost you to learn this yourself? I like to be fully transparent about all your options so you can be fully informed.

Get an MBA: $150,000, all in, from a top-tier school. You’ll learn plenty of deep theory, but you will not learn the market tested systems and processes that I have to share with you from the ivory tower.

Hire an Employee: $24,000+/year. There are some superb marketers out there, but you’re not going to get them for $24,000. There are plenty of hacks or fresh graduates with nothing but school experience for this price. You’re stuck choosing from a sea of unproven candidates with no safety net, and you’ll pay many times the cost of my strategy sessions for someone with a fraction of the knowledge.

Continue Trying On Your Own: You could certainly learn what I have to share with you on your own. It’s taken me 3+ years of dedicated studying and executing marketing initiatives across tens of companies. For example, in the last 2 years I’ve read 60+ books on business and marketing. I’ve taken extensive training courses and mentoring. You could spend years of your time and tens of thousands of dollars doing the same thing too to eventually crack the code of growing your business… Maybe.

Do Nothing: The most haunting choice of all. When I asked some of my readers how long they’ve been talking about growing their business to their current “dream goal” they answered 1 year, 5 years, and some people even answered “More than 10 years”.

How much longer will you wait?

Or you can skip ahead.

Jump the line, and avoid the obvious mistakes to get the results you’d like faster.

You're going to get the steps you need to act on NOW, not in a few months. 

Big 3 Business Systems Strategy Session

Get the steps for higher profitability in this 1 hour strategic consulting session!

  • ​One 1-hour session
  • Get more eyeballs with a lead generation session
  • Make easier sales with the qualification session
  • Make more profits with the conversion session
  • Get a video so you can get the most out of your session and execute our plan on your time
  • Not for Get-Rich-Quick schemers (bye)
  • Not for people who expect spectacular results without doing the work


Checkout accepts credit card through Paypal (no Paypal account required). 
*NOTE: After checkout you will be emailed a self-booking calendar, look in the email you used to check out for this! If you do not schedule your appointment, your order will be refunded if you do not schedule a session within 7 days of purchase.

Jamie Doerschuck

Hi, I'm Jamie! I'm a professional direct response copywriter & marketing strategist. I'm a 2x awarded Top Business Writer on, where I write weekly posts about business and marketing.

Through my blog and livestreaming classes I've taught over 2,800 entrepreneurs my marketing techniques!

I can't wait to learn more about you and your business! Let's grow your business and meet your revenue goals :)