Thank you, Yacht Club Elite!

“ You rock! Thanks for being such an awesome student, and such a great friend to me this month :)”

Is this... the END?

You may be feeling extremely bummed right now! What's YCE going to be like without my bright and shiny face bringing you weekly marketing goodies? You'll be happy to know that there are other ways we can keep working together! I'd love to get to know you even better, so let's dig into your business and make your marketing start working for you.

Do you want professional help?

  • If you wanted to get more information on how you can get my work, read on.

    If you're looking for DIY options, this is not for you.

    That's okay! Just keep scrolling down to see how I can help you create
    your own marketing systems. 

    What if you're looking for a scalable way to get your marketing in fighting shape?

    Then it's time to call in the big guns. 

    Now you can have access to my years of direct response knowledge to craft you a custom email sequence that supports your business. 

    Ask Nicole, Pat Flynn, JLD, Amy Porterfield, or ANY ONE of the big 7-figure thought leaders you admire how they make their sales and they'll tell you it's through email. 

    I know exactly how to created automated email sequences that will help you make money in your sleep.

    This is perfect for you if you already have an email list of a few hundred people, and you already have a product that you'd like to launch or that you'd like to promote. (What if you don't have a product? Scroll down and we can fix that in a product development call!)

    For $800 you'll get 1 30 minute goal setting call with me, and a 5 email autoresponder sequence for a goal of your choice. Want more than 5 emails? Great! Let me know in our call and we can do up to 10 emails for $200 per email after 5.  (Billed after our call through my invoicing system.)

    This is the absolute best way to work with me. 

    Other copywriters charge $600 just to LOOK at your emails (on the low end, some copywriters charge $5,000 and up JUST for suggesting edits, without writing anything).

    For another $200 you won't just get a "copy consult", you'll get PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN COPY for not just 1, not 2, not 4, but 5 entire emails!! 

    That's crazy pants. 

    But this is also the most affordable way to get MY work, because I normally charge $375 per individual email. Through my packages the emails wind up being about $180 per email. 

    That's highway robbery, so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER before I come to my senses and raise my price!

Are you happy with your landing page?

  • If you're PAYING to drive traffic to your offers, LISTEN UP.

    What do you do when you want to make more sales? Is it to increase the amount you're spending on traffic?

    You're doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't try optimizing your landing page BEFORE YOU EVER pay for more traffic.

    There's literally 0 to lose in having a professional come in and optimize your landing page.When you're paying for traffic, each % increase in conversion means more dollars in your pocket.

    Work smarter, not harder - right?

    By working with me to get your landing page in tip-top shape, you can see an increase in revenue WITHOUT increasing your ad spend. Wow.

    So how much is that worth to you?

    How much is it worth to you to get a gain in revenue month after month for a one time investment?





    Well you're in luck because this is the most affordable revenue increase you've ever bought.

    For a base price of $800 you can have me write a custom conversion optimized landing page that communicates the value of what you're offering and turns visitors into customers.

    (Note: The reason I say "base price" is because, as we discussed in Lesson 4, not all products are the same! So not all landing pages are the same. If your product is free, or under $100 you can expect to stay in the base price range. If we're working on an offer that's a few hundred dollars or more, it may require more explanation. After we have our consultation you'll know whether or not you're inside or outside of the base price range, and if you're outside what the price will be - the difference will be billed to you through my invoicing system.) 

    Would you spend $800 this year to make an extra $5,000? I know I would!

What we can do for your business together:

Get a Step-by-Step Guide to Our Lessons

Our 4 lessons together will be free forever, but what if you want more? Well, with this resource you'll get instant access to 49-pages worth of advanced copywriting instruction. This is my secret stash of outlines that I used to create the very lessons you see in front of you, and it's been for MY EYES ONLY until today...

Get Page-by-Page Website Feedback

Didn't get a chance to have your website copy reviewed during our lessons? Want me to give feedback on your WHOLE website, instead of just a few pages? 

I'll review your ENTIRE WEBSITE and I'll video record myself doing it, then I'll send you the recording so you have detailed feedback on each page of your website and how you can change the overall strategy of your site so that the whole thing works together to support your business. 

I'll point out areas where your copy is unclear, design optimization issues, where your website is confusing, and where you're missing out on opportunities for conversions.

Pay to reserve your slot, because this offer is first come first serve. After I can review all of the orders for this product I'll reach out to you with an ETA on when to expect your custom website copy video!

Learn to Sell With Your Story

We didn't get as much time to touch on story during our lessons as I would have liked. We had A TONNNNN of material to cover and only a short time to do it! 

Nailing down on your story is super important because people organize their thoughts in stories.

In this 1 hour coaching session we'll develop a clear, engaging story around your business. 

You'll get an elevator pitch, advice on how to coach any employees on presenting your business, and copy guidance on how to pull out the most interesting nuggets of your story to use in your web copy, emails, and landing pages.

PLUS I'll send you a video recording of our call afterwards so you can review what you learned as often as you need to for engaging stories.

Story Selling Workshops for Groups

I have a unique way to help our MLM friends in Yacht Club Elite! 

In addition to the one on one story coaching sessions, I can also coach your downstream on how to give their pitches more effectively. 

You can see an example of one of my MLM workshops here:

-> Learn to easily plan and outline your pitches

-> Learn what to listen for in order to customize your story for your audience 

-> Your downstream will get FEEDBACK from me live and after our workshop when they post pitch videos

-> Make the best first impression

-> A simple technique to practice your pitch for perfect delivery

PLUS get a recording of our workshop so your team can review the concepts again and again, as often as they need to truly master everything we'll work on in your session! 

Pay to reserve a spot and I'll reach out to you to schedule your team training.

Expert Guidance on Your Marketing

Do you LOVE the course, but feel stuck trying to figure out how to implement the systems in your own business? What EXACT topics should you cover? How does this tactic apply to MY MARKET? 

Then you're in the right place.

There are a few different ways I can help you: 

"What should I sell?"

If you're struggling to create a product, or even an optin page then you're in luck! That's something we can easily figure out together. 

In this 1 hour coaching session we'll develop 1 paid or free product. 

We'll discuss your business, your market, your goals, what's working the best from your content, how clients are finding you, and we'll use this to create an action plan on how you should move forward with creating your product. 

PLUS you'll get a recording of the call 100% free so you can review our conversation and have enough time to execute it.

You're going to come out of this with clarity on how you can move forward to making $$$ through selling a product OR for generating leads all day e'rry day with a dope lead magnet. 

For this offer you're paying to reserve your spot, and I will email you a Calendly link afterwards to schedule our coaching call.

​"How can I sell to my existing list in my sleep?"

Can't afford to have me write your email sequence? NO problem! 

Email is honestly such a valuable way to sell that I can't afford to let people slip through the cracks just because they can't afford my copywriting rates. 

Email is the #1 way to promote offers to your leads. It allows you to create systems that turn leads into customers and support your business 24/7! 

Having a great automated email sequence is honestly like having an employee. Except this one works longer, harder, and for a fraction of the cost! 

In this 1 hour coaching call we'll discuss your business, what offers you have, who your market is, and we'll figure out how you can create systems that support matching your list with products and services that fit their needs. 

PLUS you'll get a recording of our call absolutely free so you can have as much time as you need to execute on the strategies that we discuss for you.

$200 to automate your sales FOREVER? Yes please, sign me up!

Pay to reserve your slot and I'll email you a Calendly link to schedule our call!

Unlock The Key to Your Marketing

If you want clarity on your web copy, AND your email system, AND your outbound marketing like social media or PPC ads this is the place for you. 

In this 1 hour coaching session we'll overview your business, your products, your market, and you will take me through whatever marketing systems you want to show me for advice on how you can optimize the structure of your entire marketing system. 

Learn where you're missing out on opportunities or wasting money. 

PLUS You'll get a recording of this call absolutely free so you can have as much time as you need to execute on our conversation. 

It's everything you need for a marketing plan in just 1 hour!

Pay to reserve your slot, and I'll email you a Calendly link to schedule our session.