Hey everyone 🙂 I believe that reading is an invaluable resource, and one of the most underutilized resources out there. “Someone who won’t read isn’t any better off than someone who can’t read”, as Zig Ziglar would say. From time to time I’ll post my personal, detailed notes so check out the rest of the “Book Notes” tag!

  1. The Growth Hacker’s Eye
  3. First, start by asking yourself questions like, “How will this activity grow my business?” or “Is this the fastest way to get the results I’m looking for?” By answering these types of
  4. Second, you need to develop critical thinking skills… Specifically, start by solving critical thinking exercises like the ones found in this article.
  6. Head over to IFTTT and create a new recipe.
  7. Click on “This” and type in “Twitter”

          iii. Select “New Follower” and click on “Create Trigger”

  1. Again, click on “That” and type in “Twitter
  2. Choose “Post a tweet with image”.
  3. Create a “Welcome image”. To do it you can use free tools like Canva

          vii. Once you have your image in place, copy and paste the URL of your image in the section marked “Image URL”. Then click on “Create Action”, and finally hit the “Create recipe” Button.

  2. First, head over to your website and create a new page. I can’t tell you the exact copy you need to use on your “bridge page”. In fact, it doesn’t matter that much. Just tell people exactly what to do.
  3. Once you’ve written the copy of your bridge page, it’s time to add your Tweet Button. Just copy the following code and paste it into your WordPress’ text editor (at the end of your page).

          iii. Now, you need to edit the link on that code, so it displays the text you want to show up when people share your page. First, you need to add your Twitter username.

  1. Then, you need to start writing your copy word by word and adding a “+” between each word.

          v. Finally, you need to add the link of the page you want to promote at the end of your line


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